College Disciplinary Rules:

  • Every student shall maintain strict discipline in the college premises.
  • The student shall always maintain decency, decorum and etiquette and shall behave with other students in proper manner.
  • Dress Code:
    All students should abide by the dress code prescribed by the institution.
  • For Boys:
    Boys students must come with clean shaven face, formal dress and shoes, and their shirt tucked in. Jeans, T-shirts, Sneakers/Tennis shoes, Hawaichappals and Garish coloured clothes should not be worn to college/hospital.
  • For Girls :
    Girls should wear conservative Indian clothes i.e sarees or decent Salwar kameez only, bearing in mind that colours should not be garish and they should have their hair properly tied up. They are not allowed to leave the hair loose. Girls are expected to restrain from wearing short kurtis, jeans, t-shirts, sleeveless tops and tight leggings is strictly prohibited. Dangling earrings are not allowed.
  • Both boys and girls should have name plates, ID Cards.
  • The student shall obey the instructions of the Faculty members, Patients and shall always interact with them with due respect.
  • No student shall take part in any undesirable activity like RAGGING or Involve himself/herself in any political or other movements in any manner during the course of study in the college.
  • Students are not allowed to possess/ use their cellular phones and pagers inside the classrooms, canteen, campus, examination halls.
  • Students shall devote their whole time for their studies and should maintain steady progress.
  • Every candidate should have minimum 85% attendance of the total classes conducted in Theory/Practical and clinical separately.
  • It is mandatory for all the students to attend all the internal assessments conducted by the college; otherwise they will not be allowed to take the university examination.
  • Any candidate who fails to pass the semester or annual examination of the University as prescribed shall have the course extended according to the regulations of the concerned courses of study and such candidates shall have to pay tuition fee and other fees for such extended duration of the course also.
  • If any candidate has to discontinue his/her course of study for any reason, at any time after one month from the date of admission; such candidate shall have to remit the entire fees prescribed for the full duration of the course to which he/she is admitted to, before leaving the college. Under no circumstance, fees once paid to the college account shall be refunded.
  • The student should make good use of the apparatus, furniture or any other articles belonging to the College. The management cannot tolerate damages to the college property due to negligence, carelessness or deliberately on behalf of the students. The cost of such damage will be recovered along with fine from the students as determined by the college disciplinary committee and this will not be adjusted with the caution deposit.
  • Failure on the part of the students to keep up with the disciplinary rules will result in such punishment including expulsion from the college as may be imposed by the college disciplinary committee.
  • The decision of the college disciplinary committee with regard to disciplinary cases shall be final and all the students shall abide by such decision of the college disciplinary committee.
  • Issues pertaining to female concerns can be directly addressed to women’s cell headed by advisor.
  • Migration during clinical courses of study shall not be allowed on any grounds as per Medical Council of India norms. Penalties and Punishments the disciplinary authority may at his discretion inflict punishment where the misconduct has been proved. Major/Serious punishments and penalties will be published in the College notice board.