Department Overview

Mouth is a mirror of systemic disease; it is the oral medicine specialist who addresses these situations where a systemic disease is connected with typical oral manifestations. The field of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis and Dento-maxillofacial Radiology encompasses a wide scope of application in the field of diagnosis and management of Oral and Maxillofacial disorders. Oral Medicine and Radiology is the department where the patient is received first with a soothing reception. Right from the inception of the college, the department beholds the care of the patients and ensures that best care is provided to the concerned patient. There is a special focus on patients possessing deleterious habits such as long term tobacco usage where they are examined to detect and diagnose Oral precancerous/ cancer changes of oral cavity at an infant stage and evolve treatment immediately to improve the longevity and quality of life. Adding to it, emphasis is also made on diagnosis and management of TMD & Orofacial pain.

The oral and maxillofacial radiology section is equipped with 3 conventional Intra oral units with digital compatibility and also the advanced imaging modality, Radiovisiography. Apart from these, the radiology section also comprises panoramic and cephalometric radiography.


  • Sudhakar S READER & HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Read More

    NameSudhakar S


    QualificationBachelor of Dental Surgery,Master of Dental Surgery,Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management,Professional diploma in clinical research

  • Shreenivas S SENIOR LECTURER Read More

    NameShreenivas S

    Designation SENIOR LECTURER

    QualificationBachelor of Dental Surgery,Master of Dental Surgery

  • R Srivardhini TUTOR Read More

    NameR Srivardhini



  • Melody Khwairakpam SENIOR LECTURER Read More

    NameMelody Khwairakpam

    Designation SENIOR LECTURER

  • Rajkumar Couppoussamy SENIOR LECTURER Read More

    NameRajkumar Couppoussamy

    Designation SENIOR LECTURER